Driver's License Restoration

Has your driver’s license been revoked?  Have you been to an appeal hearing and gotten denied, or are you requesting a hearing for the first time?  Grand Rapids Legal Advocates can help!  Our attorneys are experienced at restoring driving privileges that have been taken away from two or more drunk driving offenses.

Getting your license back can be a difficult task, which is why you need a strong advocate on your side.  Not only will we guide you through the process, but we will also thoroughly prepare you for your appeal hearing and advise you on what actions to take to get your license back as fast as possible.

Because you usually have to prove one year of sobriety before your appeal hearing, we work only with clients who are serious about remaining sober.

Grand Rapids Legal Advocates has many satisfied driver’s license restoration clients.  Why wait any longer to get your license back? Call Callista today at 616-466-4946. We offer flexible payment plans, and the initial consultation is FREE!