If you are charged with a felony, the first time you will go to court is for an arraignment. This will be held with a District Court judge. At an arraignment, the judge will ask if you wish to plead guilty or not guilty and will let you know what crime you are charged […]

Most people have heard the term custody before and have a very general understanding of the meaning. Not everyone knows all the different types of child custody that parents and guardians can have. Many times clients are confused when types of custody arrangement are thrown out in conversations during the legal process. Here is a […]

Most people are familiar with the right to have a speedy trial when charged with a crime, but many people are not familiar with what happens before a trial. This article is meant to give a general outline of the court process for individuals charged with a misdemeanor in Michigan. The first time you will go […]

Common Misconceptions about Criminal Cases Thankfully, most people do not have a lot of experience with the criminal justice system. I often meet clients when it is their first time ever being charged with a crime. Even if a client has had experience with the criminal justice system before, there are often many questions that […]

Mediation as a dispute-resolution process has become increasingly popular over the years.  Some courts make mediation mandatory before a judge will decide a case.  In my experience, mediation can be a wonderful way for parties to come up with a solution to their issues together. So what is mediation?  Mediation is an informal process brought before […]

Many people get arrested after having made a serious error in judgment. These mistakes can oftentimes come back to haunt the individual who has been convicted of a crime. Potential employers, schools, landlords, and other private citizens have the ability to see what you have done. Their perception of you may keep you from getting […]

The Michigan Anti-Hazing Law

The anti-hazing law in Michigan is MCL 750.411t. This law is often referred to as Garret’s Law. Garret’s Law is in reference to a middle school football player who was injured during a special “drill” where he ended up with a seriously broken leg. The law states that a person who attends, is employed by, […]

Self-driving cars may be the cars of the future, but they definitely aren’t perfect.  As with any computer system, these cars are susceptible to hacking.  The Michigan Senate hopes to discourage hackers with their new proposed bills that would make car hacking a felony punishable by up to life in prison. One of Senators who […]

On January 1, 2017, Michigan rolled out their latest 2017 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual. Overall the formula will remain very similar to previous years. It appears that the changes are aimed at fixing specific issues. If these fixes are aimed towards your circumstances, you may want to revisit your child support calculations! Imputing income […]

Michigan Bans Banning Plastic Bags

A new Michigan law that went into effect this past December prohibits local governments from banning, regulating, or imposing fees on the use of plastic bags. This is not a law banning plastic bags, but it bans banning plastic bags. The new public act prohibits local governments from charging customers a fee for using plastic […]